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“Only when the animals’ silent spoons are no longer visible in the bush will weone day realize its’ too late and we should have done something to ensure the wild lands remain in tact in their natural state, and the wildlife wild and free!”

Julie A M Edwards – Hokoyo Wildlife


The Arist– Julie Edwards was born in Southern Rhodesia, (Zimbabwe) and  dedicated to her country Zimbabwe, originating from nine generations in Africa. Julies mother was very artistic whom she inherited this talent from, encouraging her art by both her beloved parents,  it was the only thing that made her sit still when she wasn’t running around in the bush!

Julie studied art and music at school and continued to develop her art with various online art school study programs and private tutoring. She resides in the African bushveldt from where she has her art studio, however, as the great impressionist ‘Monet’ described… “your studio is outside”! She travels the bushveldt extensively ‘Plein Air Painting creating sketches and impressions in pencil, oil, watercolour and acrylic. She has had numerous exhibitions within the Sub region of Africa. Her art continues to develop with private collections in Australia, New Zealand and America.

“The more you paint the more you see the light…it’s my passion, the only place I feel complete!”

Conservation – A dedicated Conservationist, Julie, has been actively involved in wildlife and environmental campaigns particularly the rhino, riding a bicycle from Scotland to Zimbabwe with her friend Charlie Hewat. They raised a million dollars for rhino anti poaching in 1988/89, and went onto establish an NGO with Allan Munn, dedicated to community and wildlife conservation development within the country of Zimbabwe. Julie has always been a grass root person and initiated a numbering of environmental campaigns, including tree planting, clean up Zimbabwe, wildlife conservation education for the youth, community development, support for wildlife research and antipoaching etc. Dr Sue Hart, (George Adamson Vet), and Director and founder Of EnvironLink, was a great inspiration and provided Julie with helpful information and support during this time. The government awarded the highest medal for conservation within the country receiving several other international accolades.

Expeditions – Traversing and exploring the wild expansive landscapes of Africa continue to be Julie’s passion. This included undertaking numerous expeditions by 4×4, bicycle, on foot and horseback across remote rugged wilderness regions of Africa, including the length of the middle Zambezi Valley, Kasane to Kariba, and Central Kalahari.

Training – Julie studied Bio Diversity and Project Planning through the Darwin Initiative receiving a scholarship to continue her post graduate studies in this field. Extended courses have also included community development, bird, wildlife, tree courses, and permaculture etc. She then undertook a six year apprenticeship within the National Parks estates of Zimbabwe qualifying as a Zimbabwe Professional Guide.

Safaris – Julie established Plains of Africa Safaris which is based out of UK and South Africa, with her business partner Alasdair Munn, the Safari consultancy creates professional safaris exploring remote regions of the African Continent.

Author – Julie has also published two books, one in Zimbabwe with her dear friend Alan Munn Of Munn Publishing and the other book in South Africa which she self published and was acknowledged as “Book of the Month”in Country Life Magazine.

Passion – Julie’s passion is painting and wildlife, game viewing, spending as much time as possible in the wilds. Traveling further a field to remote wild places discovering new wilderness, observing animals and birds and trees in their respective habitats.

Countries – These journeys over the years have taken her to Alaska’s Tundra, Amazon Basin – Ecaqudor, crossing 52 States of United States of America, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Wales, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belguim, France, West and East Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Namibia, Seyschelles, Malawi, including being resident in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana and South Africa.

Africa is her real passion.

“Those wide open landscapes run as far as the eye can see. They are just marvelous to paint.”

You are invited to follow Julie as she shares her Walk and Paint Africa journey!