Painting Inspiration – The Lions Roar “Korokoro”

The year 1988, on our Epic Ride For The Rhino, Uk To Zimbabwe Cycle Ride, a side visit En route to meet Bwana George Adamson of Elsa The Lioness Born Free in the remote Kora Reserve.

“The corrugated track headed north, beyond the slopes of Mount Kenya, towards the Northern Territory. The old Series 1 Land River laden with supplies for a month, rattled along the winding dirt road finally reaching the turn off to Kora Reserve. We were heading to ‘Kampi Ya Simba’, home of Bwana George Adamson for 18 years. As we approached the main Kora Boundary, suddenly appeared running across the bush track and disappeared into the thick Jesse.

Doddie, George’s British assistant immediately radioed base camp to inform George of our location and the fact we had seen poachers. We continued to drive on, but this time with more speed! It was late afternoon by the time we entered the main Kora Reserve, and as I looked up in the distance along the track, I noticed a green Landi, parked just off the road. As we approached there was an old man now in his 80’s, with longish white hair and a goat bread like that of a lions mane. It was George Adamson! He had travelled to the boundary to meet us!

( Source: Hokoyo Silent Spoors And Parting Blades by JAM Edwards 2009.)

Abiver are images with some paintings that came out of that visist some in oil and some in acrylic and a few photo memories to share with you.

Art for me is an emotionally charged passion and I am totally complete when at work creating the impressions which are etched in my mind from a time long gone but not forgotten.

Thank you for reading this story.

Copyright 2019 Julie Edwards Wildlife

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